Time Trials events are single-car speed competitions which require many of the safety measures used in racing, but provide a speed thrill. It brings the driver into high speed competition and yet does not expose the competitor to all of the risks involved in racing. Depending on the area of the country, you can test your skills at one of the four levels of Time Trials (Performance Driving Experience, Club Trials, Track Trials, Hill Climbs). Check the Time Trials Schedule for events near you. A breakdown of each level:
"Performance Driving Experience" (PDE) - The PDE is the first level of the program and provides an instructional environment for drivers who want to improve driving skills and increase their enjoyment of driving their street vehicle. PDE is SCCA's unique version of "track" or "lapping" days.
"Club Trials" - Club Trials is the second level of the Time Trials program. This level combines elements of PDE instruction with the excitement of running against the clock to determine individual class winners. Cars range from street cars to fully prepared race cars.
"Track Trials" - Track Trials, the third level of the program, offers closed-course track time, and winners are determined by fastest time around the course. Cars prepared for both Solo and Road Racing competition are eligible for Track Trials.
"Hill Climbs" - The fourth and top level of the Time Trials program. Hill Climb events offer short-distance, timed events for race-prepared vehicles on paved mountain roads, with winners determined by fastest times.


Good Luck Hillclimbers in 2017!!

Past NEPASCCA Time Trials News:
Past Time Trials News